Why Bisexuals Want Transgender Personals On Trans dating Sites?

transgender personals

Bi-sexual have all the luck when it comes to sexual relationships as they can easily give up men or give up women without giving up dating. By being bisexual, you can stop any male sexual contact for a year but still enjoy sex every night with your female partner. You are free to create relationship with anyone regardless of gender since a bisexual person is sexually attracted to both male and female.

Bi-sexual versus Transgender

Bisexual persons are attracted to two or more genders while transgender (TG) personals identify their genders as another than the one assigned at birth and it has nothing to do with whom they are attracted to. A Trans persona can have any sexuality, be it straight, gay, bi, pan, ace, or anything else.

Bisexuality is about who you're attracted to; while TG is about your gender identity and who you are. Since they do not belong to the same category, you can be both transgender and bisexual.

Why bisexuals want transgender personals on Trans dating Sites?

Sex orientation is a matter of personal choice as to your preference, taste, and priorities. Bisexuals are attracted to both male and female genders while transgender persons incorporated both strong elements of masculinity and femininity into their everyday life as they are able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Although is generally represented as a woman, a trans as such, in truth is something in between and making more intimate connections with those who are bisexual. People who find attraction in both masculinity and femininity, who appreciate and enjoy closeness with others regardless of gender is deeply connected to transgenderism.

Bi’s like transgender care much for individual qualities without considering those qualities as masculine or feminine; or whether they appear as a woman acting like one or vice versa.

It appears that bisexuals are mostly people likely to be attracted to others who are Tran- or bi-gendered. TGs are probably showing both masculine and feminine traits.

Communities of the bisexual and TG have been struggling for recognition and inclusion by the gay and feminist movements. There are many bisexuals who are staunch supporters of common issues around gender identity and proper presentation. Bisexuals with open orientation to both genders seem less likely to have a problem with transgenderism compared to people who are decidedly strictly homo or hetero.

In the same manner, people with transgressive gender welcome diversity of gender within themselves and more willing to accept bisexuality compared with those whose gender is aligned exclusively with one of the two extreme practices.

Together bisexuality and transgenderism are not identical nor united in a single vision, nor homogenous; but they are seeking and actively working together to achieve greater mutual appreciation of their fortitude & strengths, mutual respect for diversity and strong cooperation towards full satisfaction of their individual needs.

Trans Dating Sites

Today there is a big variety of trans dating sites whose aim is to create a classy and quality Transsexual Dating site where transgender personals can find their true love, and long-term relationship with a nice partner or at least find trans hookup.

Joining Trans dating sites are easy; just click, JOIN button after following some basic questions and uploading your best profile picture, then press to Submit. You will soon receive a link to email box you are registered with to activate your transgender personals account. Once your account in transsexual dating sites is verified you can start browsing all singles already registered to website.