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TG Personals is a open and free transexual dating site. Not only transexual people, but also sissy members, bisexuals, crossdresser singles and other open-minded people would like to start transgender dating on this site. Users on this trans dating site can make friends, love even sex. In general, most people are looking for sexual relationships and kill their boring time. There are few of transgender members seeking long-term transgender relationships. If your aim is finding real relationships, My Transsexual Date is better. After all, TG Personals is a free site that all members can join without hindrance. Furthermore, Lunched in 2000, TG Personals is one of old transgender dating sites. Till now, there are numerous tg women and men joined this site.

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Features of TG Personals

As long history development in transgender dating sites, TG Personals provides some useful tips for people to find and meet transexuals. These blogs and tips are provided by members and admins. Some tips are users’ experience on TG Personals. If you are new member on this site, you can freely some blogs and dating experiences provided by admins and users on this free trans dating site.

The most popular feature of TG Personals is that it is a totally free transexual dating site. This feature attracts large number of members join this site to take their chance. However, just because of this, here are lots of fake profiles on this site, the quality of profiles can not reach other high quality paid transexual dating sites. The design of this site is out of style. After all, it is a free site, safety and site’s quality can not match other premium sites.

As various members on TG Personals, to make it easy for trans singles find suitable matches, they can take advantage if the search tool. Users can search by gender, age, location and keywords. Meanwhile, this tg site gives some referring new members and active members for new users to view.


TG Personals is a popular and free trans dating site. All members can access all features and service without restriction. However, compared with other paid transgender dating sites, this site only offers some basic features for people to use. Luckily, it is one of old trans dating sites, here are great number of transexual members on this site, you won’t worry that you can not find a partner for chat or trans dating.

All in all, if you are looking for one transgender woman or man freely, this site is nice choice. But of you are seeking real partners for safe transgender relationships, the top three transexual dating sites on the review site are better choice. Because this free trans dating site is open site, all people can join and some of them are not real members hunting transgender relationships.

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