Pros and Cons of Dating Beautiful Transgender Women Online

transgender women

Overtime, the visibility and awareness of transgenders who are dating online have shown the biggest growth. Both men and women are increasingly looking up to date beautiful transgender women. There are various online dating sites those who admire transgender singles or even bisexuals can meet up, begin dating and maybe fall in love. Although finding true love through online dating is quite difficult, there are many successful cases where couples met online dated and finally got married.

BiCupid is among the many trans dating sites that have been set up to enable transgender singles meetup their partners. They may enjoy casual encounters, a date for a long-term period and even tie the knot. For trans genders, if you are not on dating apps or online sites, finding a person to date or hook up with would be quite difficult. Again, if these platforms are not distinctly for this unique gender, they’re usually the least welcomed individuals. For long, many apps have always been on the low when it comes to recognizing their unique needs.

Everything else aside, there have come up some sites and apps specifically for the transgender and bisexuals. Even the pre-existing sites have started to acknowledge them. However, just like the coin has two sides, dating these beautiful transgender women comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of dating transgender women

1. Love being woman

Some women are just uncomfortable with who they really are. Personal confidence is a big problem and an issue to the target individual. A transgender tag could mean she just chose to become a woman. Transitioning from her initial gender to being a transgender woman depicts she is finally where she longed to be and loves it. In fact, you would be surprised to find out how much she has loved being a woman. Transgender people love flaunting their bodies too – a reason why transgender porn is popular. These women just know how to work on it. Having a beautiful transgender woman within your arms will make people envy the beautiful and shapely lady for that matter.

2. Intimacy

By being comfortable with their bodies, the transgender women are passionate in the bedroom. They know what exactly their men like and know how to make it happen to please them. Just like any other woman, they love thrilling intimacy when they get an ideal mate they love. Bringing intimacy into the bedroom is everything any man would want from the women they are dating.

3. Transgender women know how to please a man

Transgender women are versed with ways of pleasing their boyfriends since they understand the male anatomy and know what would make them feel good. The point that she might not have wanted any idea of being a man in the past doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand what men want in women, bisexuals or transgenders. These women understand best what turns a man on, hence use that knowledge to bring pleasure and spice their relationships for romantic love. They are also well versed in diverse sexual techniques that come from the experience of previously being men. Some of these sexual techniques may not be known and would be a taboo with a straight woman. Markedly, the transsexual women understand what several men go through and will, therefore, exhibits the behavior to please them.

4.New experience for both

For many men, dating a transgender woman is adventurous. This is because what begins as something experimental eventually turns into what they enjoy to do. It can as well be a new experience to the transitioning single. Usually, men have got fantasies of being dominated in the bedroom and their experience with a shemale could be satisfying. It always happens that when they encounter beautiful transgender women, men tend to love the relationship more than they intended. This is because the relationship is adventurous with all the topnotch bedroom games offered by the trans women singles.

Cons of dating transgender

1. Hormones may make things difficult

Beautiful transgender women at times take hormones to counteract the hormone testosterone in their bodies, and to keep away hair from growing on the ambiguous spots like their faces and chins. This will help them adapt to being in the female gender. The more hormones they take, the more likely they get moodier. This is because the taken hormones are bound to counteract with the existing hormones. Also, as they are both in her body and constantly working in changing her body, there is likelihood that they may take a toll on both her physical and mental state. It could be very challenging especially during the earlier stages of her transitioning. If she doesn’t go for her breast augmentation, she would look more of man than a woman. When dating a transgender woman, it’s good to understand that she could have tension from the overlapping hormonal influences.

2. Past trauma

It is unfortunate we live in a world where the sexuality of an individual could be a challenge, especially if it doesn’t readily meet the expectation of society. This makes the victims subject to being attacked or discriminated most of the times. If the woman you are dating has been such a victim in the past or was in a position to afford required surgeries, she will always have reflections of her former self. This might lead her to unhappiness. Past trauma can easily cause difficulties in current relationships. She might still be working through the hard experiences which may impact on you as her partner. Too much of similar experiences or situations may at last take a toll on you to the point of even admiring to halt the relationship a bit.

3. Dealing with stigmatization

Men dating transgender women are commonly regarded as gay. This is the main issue most of them have to deal with. Of course, from a logical point of it, anyone would think the same. However, it is not in all situations where the man has to be gay to date a transgender woman. You are not automatically gay if you are attracted to woman-like behaviors noticeable in a man. The reality of the matter is that there are men out there who enjoy the fact that dating a woman transgender involves a lot of anal sex, which is a taboo for most straight women. In spite of the fact that this should be about dating, pleasure and happiness, the stigma that surrounds it may make the relationship difficult to deal with if you have a transgender girlfriend.


Dating a transgender woman is very rewarding. The fact that you chose her makes it easy for her to open up about her sexual kinks. Many transgender women have had severe emotional trauma in their journey of transitioning and growing up; which means they will effortlessly cherish the man who treats them better as the woman she is. Ensure to always remember that any relationship is about open communication of the partners. Let her know that you are willing to have an open-minded approach to the relationship and utilize well the opportunities that will make you understand her much better. Let her teach you how it feels to be her and the expectation she needs from you. Once you are clear about the issue of communication and understanding how the relationship works, dating a transgender woman will reward you with the best experience.